Early Accsess – Affilitrator Plugin

Early Accsess – Affilitrator Plugin

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Boost your Affiliate Commissions!  

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Early Accses

Plugin Features

Notifications that will have many features for you. Affilitrator will scrape the best parts of the user Reviews and show them to the visitors, to get their attention. PLUS you get social Proof!

Easy to set up with any Product

Notifications for Amazon

Notifications are real conversion boosters! 

We got it all! Shortcodes for Cloaking random Text, Links, Buttons. Decide yourself if every Affiliate Link should be invisible to Google.

Cloaking that bost your Rankings

Google hates Affiliate Site and abnormal external Links

You will love how easy it is to create! You also got the full SEO/CRO control over each part of the table! Change Buttons Texts and know exactly if the used Text fields are Headings, Strong, Span ... No stupid need for changing the code like we all know it from Rehub-Theme

Comparison Tables

Google is in love with Schema and perfect structured Data

For affiliates a conversion is a click to amazon or other affiliate networks. Thats why we decided to start an AI that will do dynamic testing to get you the most clicks. That will increase your $$$$$$$ a lot!

The AI works in Notifications and Comparison Tables. 

Worlds #1 on CRO plugin for Affiliate Marketers

Automated conversion boosting